10 questions on registering at ILCF

1. How to register ?

Thanks to our registration portal, you can pre-register, pay for your courses, and book and pay for various services (housing, airport transfer, etc.).
On-site at ILCF
Upon registration, you will receive the following documents :
  • Pre-registration certificate (required for visa applications, processed by the French consulate or embassy in your home country).
  • Your invitation for a French competency exam, scheduled for a specific day and time.

2. How to determine my language level?

By taking a French competency exam online.
  • For the online exam, you will receive an invitation by e-mail with the precise day and time of the exam.
Exams are scheduled for :
  • The week preceding the start of classes for semester sessions.
  • The first day of classes for short sessions.

3. How to choose my courses?

Depending on your language level and preferred number of hours per week, an instructor will help you choose the most appropriate courses and organize your personalized schedule.

4. How are ILCF courses organized ?

If you’re coming for a short session :
  • Your courses and school schedule are pre-determined and set.
If you’re coming for a semester session :
  • You construct your personalized school schedule, by choosing the number of hours per week and the types of classes that most interest you (civilization, language perfection, phonetics, etc.).

5. How to obtain a visa ?

If you’re a European Union (EU) citizen :
  • You have no need for a visa and no procedure is necessary.
If you’re a non-EU citizen :
  • You must contact either a Campus France site or your local French embassy for information regarding all necessary procedures and the type of visa required.

6. Is there a registration deadline?

We recommend that you register as soon as possible, for if you must obtain a visa, you will have to respect a visa accordance deadline (rarely under 4 weeks).

7. Must I take out a private health insurance policy ?

If you’re a European Union (EU) citizen :
  • You remain covered by your home country’s social security system; remember to request and bring with you your European Health Insurance Card.
If you're a non-EU citizen, under 28 years of age and remaining over 3 months in France :
  • You must sign up for student social security. This registration is free but mandatory.
For all other cases :
  • We recommend that you take out a private health insurance policy to cover you during your stay in France.

8. Is there a minimum age and language level requirement ?

Our courses are open to all students 18 years and older, having obtained a baccalauréat or equivalent diploma.

9. Is a diploma awarded upon completion of the course ?

At the end of each session, we furnish an FLE Certificate specifying :
  • The type of course taken.
  • The language level attained according to CEFRL.
  • The number of hours taken.
ILCF serves as an exam centre for the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry: here, you can take the DFP professional French exam for a variety of fields (business, diplomacy, fashion & design, etc.), as well as the TEF French competency exam.

10. Are there any supplementary fees ?

  • Book/primer purchases: your instructor might recommend that you buy a French primer or grammar book.
  • Each instructor is free to choose his/her class materials.
  • Course fees do not cover the cost of purchasing any books/primers.