Housing with a host family and transport

Living with a host family is undoubtedly the best way to discover and learn about a country, its customs and inhabitants. In addition, you’ll make further progress in French if you continue to practice the language outside class.

Airport transfer

A chauffeur can pick you up in the arrival area and drive you to your predetermined destination.

Housing in a host family with our partner STAY & STUDY

Choosing to lodge with a family allows you to :
  • More easily prepare for your stay in France (booking accommodation, obtaining an "accommodation certificate", etc.).
  • Live in the centre of Paris (all accommodations are located in the French capital and accessible by the Métro from ILCF).
  • Take full advantage of both your studies and Parisian life, at your own rhythm.
  • Immerse yourself in the French language and culture by living with a French family.
Choice of several boarding options :
  • Only a rented room (no meals with the host family).
  • Breakfast option: the family furnishes everything you need to prepare your breakfast.
  • Half-board package (3 or 5 dinners): the family furnishes everything you need to prepare your breakfast, and you dine with the family 3 or 5 evenings a week.

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