Written French, Oral French and Phonetics

General information

Length of studies
14-week semester sessions
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These modules complement the everyday-French courses. They allow students to improve their French language skills.


Strengthening the three key competences: oral French, written French and phonetics.


ILCF specialized courses help students prepare for written and oral French-proficiency exams (DELF, DALF and TCF).

Admission Procedure

• Must be 18 years or older,
• Must have a secondary school (high school) diploma,
• Must take the placement exam at ILCF.


Tuition Fees:

Starting at €477. The courses are divided into 3-hour modules.

Administrative fee: €98 (for the academic year)

These courses facilitate students’ written and oral communication in French. Suited to language levels A1 to C1 of the CEFRL.

Phonetics courses (levels A1 to B2 of the CEFRL) allow students to improve their capacity to :

  • Listen (perception and discrimination in the language lab).
  • Speak (production in the language lab).
  • Master the international phonetic alphabet (IPA).

Conditions of validation

- Continuous monitoring and final exam
Students will be evaluated via continuous in-class monitoring, as well as personal homework assignments.

- Certificate
At the end of each session, all students receive a “Studies in French as a Foreign Language” certificate awarded by ILCF and mentioning the courses taken, the number of hours completed, the language level attained and the corresponding ECTS credits earned.