Why choose ILCF?

A pioneer in the teaching of French as a foreign language, the Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises (ILCF) provides certified, top-quality instruction thanks to its experienced, fully-qualified teaching staff.

ILCF was founded as early as 1948 by the Institut Catholique de Paris, an influential actor within the French-speaking world.

Learning the French language and culture

Over a period of half a century, the school has trained over 130,000 students.
Each semester, a wide selection of courses allows students a better understanding of France’s diverse, multifaceted culture.

Numerous conferences, symposiums and colloquiums are scheduled weekly for ILCF students.

A campus in the heart of Paris

On campus, enjoy access to numerous leisure and dining areas, as well as student activities, for a full immersion in the campus life of this French university, a historic institution in the midst of transformation and ideally located in the heart of Paris.


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