ILCF Student Life

Various activities are organized on a regular basis for ILCF students: the Cinema Club, the Café-Philo, the Talent Show, cultural visits and tours... ILCF is much more than just a place to study !


cine-club The Cinema club was created, as an initiative of our professors. The ILCF Cinema Club, helps our international students, to discover French films throughout the semester. Each featured film, is presented by our professors, and followed by a discussion with the students. An event not to be missed! Fun screenings not to be missed !

Evening Talent Show

danse Each year, ILCF organizes a Talent Show. The aim of this event, is to put our international students in the spotlight, celebrate the end of the semester, and share a memorable moment together. Each edition is very rich in talent: dancers, singers, painters, musicians, etc. Coming from all over the world, our students always impress us with their exceptional talent and the way they command the stage.

Music Club!

Soirée Musique The ILCF Music Club, is a place where our students can learn French songs, sing, or play an intrument (all levels are welcome).
The Music Club meets on Tuesdays during the semester sessions, from 13h-14h.

Rencontres Conversations Amicales

ilcf1 With Parisian moderators, the RCALF (Rencontres - Conversations Amicales en Langue Française) take place in a relaxed setting and several times a week from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (one-hour sessions).


Cultural and city visits

rcalf Along with Parisian volunteers, visit the must-see and discover the creative spirit that inhabits the city.


Cafe Philo The "Café-Philo" activity offers to students the chance to discuss and debate around philosophical or social questions. Led by a teacher, it is the ideal opportunity to practice french speaking and free thinking. Work, politics, human relations and many other subjects are discussed there.