Yuki, former French learner at ILCF and today a Parisian

Yuki is a former ILCF student who first arrived in Paris 6 years ago as a beginning French learner. She studied at ILCF until she obtained her B1 French competency in 2008. Today, she lives in Paris. She stopped by to relate to us her journey à la française.

What did you study at school ?

“Back in Japan, I studied the fine arts and cultural management.”
A born artist, Yuki specialized in oil painting and Western drawing. She was immersed in this artistic culture during her entire childhood: “I was introduced to Western art at a very early age”.

Why did you come to France ?

“I came to study French, with the goal of staying in France to study art.”

Like many ILCF students, Yuki made her dream come true by coming to study in France and specifically Paris. Little by little, her project evolved and she finally turned to teaching Japanese.

“Once I acquired a good level of French, I returned to Japan. There, I studied to become a Japanese language teacher, then I requested my working holiday visa and I came back.”

What do you now do in Paris ?

“I’ve been teaching Japanese now for 2 ½ years.”

After obtaining her certificate for teaching Japanese in France, she began working at the Espace Nadeshiko, a Japanese language and culture school.

“There, I teach the Japanese language and culture, as well as leading a calligraphy workshop. Working at a Japanese cultural institution allows me to maintain a strong connection with my native country and culture. That's important to me !”

The Espace Nadeshiko also offers workshops dedicated to ikebana (flower arrangement), Japanese cooking, the Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy.
The centre is open to everyone interested in Japanese culture and welcomes around a hundred adult learners. Courses and workshops can also be led off-site (at home), upon request.

Why did you choose ILCF ?

I was attracted to the school’s culture and civilization courses, well suited to my art school project.”
She enjoyed going to a school that “didn’t just teach French”.

What are the advantages of ILCF ?

“It’s similar to a university and there are lots of activities.”

What is your advice for foreign students who would like to study in France ?

“Study a lot! But you also need to get out and practice daily. It’s important to come with a project for pursuing one’s studies or a professional project.”

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