Waneque, a student at ILCF truly fascinated by France

Waneque is a 31-year-old American from Bloomfield Hills in Michigan. Since the age of 19, she has worked as a financial analyst at a bank, specialized in real estate.

For 12 years, she worked nonstop, without really taking the time to enjoy life. But last year, she decided to rest for a bit and think about what she really wanted to do with her life.

A dream come true

Since her earliest childhood, Waneque had dreamt of coming to Paris.
So, she decided to come spend a week to discover the city and find out if she was really ready to take the leap and come spend a year or more in Paris.

Upon her arrival on 21 March 2015, her dream became reality, for she fell in love at first sight, “just like in the movies” as she says. Indeed, the experience even exceeded her expectations.

When she returned to Bloomfield Hills, Waneque decided to dedicate the following 7 months to preparing her project of coming to Paris to learn French and thoroughly explore French culture.

During her online research, she discovered ILCF and said to herself that it was exactly what she was looking for. She contacted the school and all her questions were promptly answered. Never once has she regretted her decision.


“Ready to convince anyone to come live in France”

Waneque likes the diversity of courses on offer at ILCF, where she has made daily progress ever since her arrival in February of 2016.

She loves learning the meaning of French words, which she finds “powerful and profound” and likens to the musical notes of an elegant language. She says that her fascination for French is such that she can talk about it for hours on end.
For Waneque, French is definitely a language contributing to cultural and linguistic diversity.

She enjoys her courses so much that she wouldn’t miss a single one.

She is even more passionate about French history. She could spend entire days watching documentaries on the role of women during the French Revolution, on Marie-Antoinette, etc.


A new way of life

Waneque has fallen in love with Paris, with Parisians and with France – she finds everything so wonderful here that even she can’t believe it.
As she herself says, “Living in Paris is like being reborn. I’m rediscovering life here and I’m finally taking advantage of my freedom.”

Before, she lived like a robot, but now she’s discovering the real life, Parisian life.

Waneque also has a singular talent for she’s an opera singer.

As you can see, Waneque is fascinating, enthusiastic and curious!

*On the photo, Waneque has written “Paris, my dream come true”.