Pauline, student at ILCF and fan of multiculturalism

18 years old and from Tuxtla in southern Mexico, Pauline is Franco-Mexican thanks to her French mother.

After obtaining her baccalauréat degree, Pauline decided to come to Paris for a year to improve her French at ILCF and discover different cultures.

She knew about ILCF thanks to her mother, who worked in collaboration with the school when she lived in Paris.


Her day-to-day life at ILCF

Thanks to the marked multiculturalism of ILCF, Pauline has made many friends from all over: Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, etc.

She thinks all the teachers are “great” and really appreciates the way they fill their students with confidence. Their teaching method helps her comprehend the French language and civilization.


Life in France

Pauline enjoys living in France, she finds French culture very rich and the French people curious and intellectual: “They see things clearly and are open-minded”.
In her mind, the French are very well-organized and punctual, unlike Mexicans who do everything at the last minute, except when organizing formal events.

For Pauline, Paris is a very beautiful city, its monuments are “little nuggets” and “French cuisine is the best in the world: varied, multicultural and excellent!”

She’s surprised by the “sacredness” of meals here in France, for in Mexico there isn't this tradition of dining all together, except at lunch.

However, she finds the French very hurried, “they run around and smoke a lot”.

Pauline loves all forms of dancing, without exception, no matter the culture.


And the future?

Pauline would like to study hotel management, with the goal of someday welcoming tourists from around the world. She has always enjoyed interacting with and serving people, she likes to please. Her future hotel is sure to be a welcoming, convivial place to stay!

*On the photo, Pauline has written in Spanish: “Enjoy being surprised by what is different”.