Morgan, ILCF Alumna and Expert on the History of Paris!

Morgan is a former ILCF student from the U.S., who still lives in Paris. She shares her experience as an ILCF student with us below.

I was a student at ILCF for over one year and a half. Once I made the decision to register,

I was pleased to find myself on a real French college campus, surrounded by native French speakers.

As a student there, I could participate in social activities, which included gatherings at local restaurants, and guided walks through historical neighborhoods.


As someone who really appreciates French history and architecture, I adored the campus; my favorite memories were arriving a few minutes early to class and studying in the vast, beautiful, peaceful garden. My classes were diverse and the professors really had a passion for their jobs.

During my first semester, I was introduced to the French legend, Claude Francois.

As students, we did not learn as much with a book and pencil, as we did with music and lyrics. I memorized the words to his popular song “Cette Année Là”, and when I was able to belt it out along with my French friends, they were so impressed I knew the song by heart!

Looking back as an advanced French speaker several years later, I am so appreciative of my studies at ILCF. I may not have mastered the tricky French subjunctive, but I was introduced to French culture and language in a way that I don’t think would have been possible at any other university.

I recommend ILCF to anyone that values experiencing student life and French culture in Paris, as much as they value acquiring new language skills.

Morgan has been happily living in Paris since 2013 and when she's not with her French partner and their 2 year old daughter, she's exploring France's numerous historical landmarks, follow her Facebook page: Paris History of Our Streets.

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