Lynn, student at ILCF and aspiring artist date

Lynn, 32, was born in Namwon in South Korea. After studying international relations in Seoul, she worked for the Korean Ministry of Culture in Gwangju.

Lynn came to Paris in June 2015 to study French and chose ILCF for the quality of its instruction, notably its culture and civilization courses.
In her opinion, “ILCF is the best school for learning French”.
She finds the classes diverse, fascinating and dynamic, and she enjoys daily touching upon different subjects, covering the arts, cinema, history and politics.
ILCF is actively helping her pursue her professional project to become a contemporary artist.

Since moving to Paris, Lynn has made her dream of living in France come true. She has travelled extensively, but her favourite language remains French, which she finds “very beautiful and very chic”.

She admires the French academic system that remains open to everyone, as opposed to that of Korea, “much too competitive and for only the very best”.

Before coming to Paris and based on the films she had seen, Lynn was convinced that the French were rather provincial, but she quickly realized the contrary.
Today, it’s what she loves best about Paris: a cosmopolitan city open to the world.

*On the photo, Lynn has written in Korean: “I love ILCF and thanks”.

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