Kwamé: From NYC to Paris

Kwamé Sorrell is originally from New York City, and a student at CUNY Queens College. He is also an ILCF alumni. Read more about his experience learning French at ILCF.

Kwamé: From NYC to Paris

Kwamé: From NYC to Paris

How did you learn about this program?

My previous French professor recommended the ILCF program to me. Noticing my deep curiosity for French language and culture, she suggested I apply to the program through Queens College’s study abroad program.

What was your level of French after completing the program and what were your initial goals?

I now have an intermediate level in conversational French. I like to say I know enough French to pretend I am Parisian when encountering Americans abroad! My main goal upon completing the program was to be able to speak and comprehend more French than I started with.

What was your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program (besides my lovely morning commute through the Luxembourg Gardens) was being able to speak French for 3 hours, first thing in the morning. I can say it was great preparation for the rest of my day, where I got to practice directly what I learned in class. The teaching style was great to learn everyday French, which I found to be very practical for navigating Paris and communicating with locals.

What else did you do during your time in Paris?

I saw my friends in Bruxelles, Koln, and Amsterdam. After completing the program in August, in true Parisian fashion, I also spent some time down south for a week before I returned to NYC. I also loved spending time in cafes in and around Paris.

Why did you want to come to France and why Paris in particular?

I chose to come to France for my study abroad program, mainly because I wanted to continue to practice French and I figure there is no better place to study French, than in France! I chose Paris, because I wanted to become more familiar with this city. Although I visited a few times before, living here was a particularly different experience than just visiting for a couple of weeks. And of course, I’m always looking for love and I hear Paris is good for that!

Any advice for others who are looking to study in Paris?

Do it! Be open. Be adventurous. Have fun and be safe!