Koki Kai, student taking university-prep courses at ILCF

Koki Kai is 21 and a native of Hiroshima in Japan. Koki first came to France 5 years ago, studying French in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. After obtaining his baccalauréat degree back in Japan, Koki decided to return to France, but this time opting for Paris, where he arrived in 2014.

Real on-campus solidarity at ILCF

Koki decided to register at ILCF so as to perfect his French and pursue his studies in France, where he plans to begin his university studies (licence degree) in sociology this upcoming school year.
His university-prep studies allow Koki to improve his French-language skills, familiarize himself with French university methodologies and broaden his general knowledge.
He's found a real “on-campus solidarity” at ILCF, where the instructors help him pursue his personal project.
“The accompaniment at ILCF is a real plus !"

The main differences between France and Japan

Koki finds the French much more dynamic than the Japanese and also “friendlier than expected”.
However, he can find it difficult to connect with the French and is occasionally frustrated by their tendency to interrupt conversations, for in Japan “one is taught to listen to one’s interlocutor until he or she has finished speaking”.

He loves Paris, especially for its culture, and his favourite district is Saint-Michel, wonderful for “window shopping”.

Since arriving in Paris, Koki’s strongest memory remains the public gatherings on January 11th 2015 following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo. He greatly admired the French, who he found particularly courageous, though he himself didn't dare take part; never in his life has he taken to the streets, for “demonstrations are very French”.


And the future?

Koki has yet to decide what he wants to do following his university studies, but he hopes his time at the university will help him choose a career path to pursue.

*On the photo, Koki has written in Japanese: “Each day I make progress and I thank those who help me progress”.

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