Gisela, former ILCF student

Gisela, 55, is an architect from Venezuela. She studied at ILCF when she was 27 and just registered her daughter Mariana for the semester.

To France, after arriving in the Netherlands

Upon obtaining a study grant, Gisela left to study in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for 9 months. She then decided to come discover the city of Paris and there learn French.
She decided to register at ILCF, having heard about the school.

She arrived in Paris in January, but the ILCF semester didn't begin until February, so she signed up for an intensive one-month language course at a French centre, to be able to start at ILCF the following month.

Her semester at ILCF

Gisela remembers her exceptional semester at ILCF like it was yesterday: her classes, the people she met, life in Paris, etc.
She perfectly remembers her teacher, who she found fantastic.
During her studies, Gisela became good friends with Adriana, a Columbian student. Together they travelled extensively, notably visiting Greece by coach during the Easter holidays.

Gisela and Adriana have remained in contact to this day, 25 years later.
Indeed, Gisela finds it amusing to consider the evolution of their correspondence, passing from postcards to WhatsApp.


Gisela lives in Venezuela with her husband and three children: Alfonso, Enrique and Mariana.
She works as an architect.
Adriana also has 3 children and lives in Columbia.

And proof that the world is indeed small: Alfonso, Gisela’s son, came to study at ILCF during the 2016 spring semester and became friends with Camilo, Adriana’s older son. Both boys are still in contact.

Today, given the current situation in Venezuela, Gisela would like to move with her family to Spain.

We wish her all the best !