Fadi Lion Nissan, student at ILCF pursuing a PhD in theology

Fadi was born 36 years ago in Baghdad, Iraq. A priest for the past 11 years, he arrived in Paris last September to dedicate himself to the Notre-Dame de Chaldée parish in the 18th arrondissement.

Since his arrival, he has been pursuing a doctorate degree in theology at the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP), while also taking French classes at ILCF.
He was already familiar with ICP before coming to France, as the institution is famous in Baghdad.

Studying French at ILCF not only helps him improve his language skills, it also represents an essential element of his degree course. He greatly appreciates the instructors’ methodology, which he finds varied, personalized and interactive.
Fadi speaks 5 languages. Though he didn’t speak a word of French upon his arrival, he has already attained an excellent level of French competency.

When asked what he thinks of Paris, he spontaneously replies, “The city is lovely yet ambiguous. I still need time to comprehend the French culture and civilization”.

Fadi is also uniquely talented, for he excels at the organ, which he has played for over 20 years.

In the future, Fadi will continue to see to the needs of his Notre-Dame de Chaldée parish in Paris, until the day he’s finally reunited with his family, his Baghdad parish.

*On the photo, Fadi has written in Aramaic “Hello”, followed by his name.