Carla Destro, student at ILCF and sports journalist

Carla Destro, 28, hails from Sao Paulo in Brazil. She has always loved French and sports.

An impressive CV for sports journalism

With a degree in journalism, Carla already boasts extensive professional experience covering sports.
She worked for 4 years within the sports and entertainment department of TV Globo, Brazil’s number one channel, as a journalist and producer.
Then, for 1 ½ years, she worked in sports marketing at Samsung, sponsor of the Rio Olympics and the Brazil national team, but her contract came to an end in 2015 due to the economic crisis.

She then began looking into the various courses offered by the Pontificia Universidade Catolica (PUC) of Sao Paulo, with the goal of studying law, marketing and communication to improve her professional expertise.

Discovery of ILCF and arrival in Paris

On the PUC website, Carla discovered the university’s partner institutions, notably the Institut Catholique de Paris, then ILCF. She then remembered that one of her teachers had studied at and strongly recommended ICP.
So, Carla registered online and arrived at ILCF in February 2016, with the goal of obtaining a Master’s in sports management in Paris.

Since her arrival, Carla has been experiencing a dream come true, living in Paris while studying French at ILCF.
She's improving her French daily, enjoying the support and methodology of her instructors helping her to successfully carry out her project.

In love with French free-thinking

Carla has fallen in love with Paris and French culture and admires French free-thinking.
Indeed, she finds that in Brazil, individuals lack freedom in their thoughts and views. She would like to be able to speak as freely back home.
She thinks it’s funny that in France, no one answers simply “yes” or “no”, for everyone has an opinion to express.

When asked what France and Brazil have in common, she replies “football”.

A few anecdotes

Her most vivid memory since arriving in France remains the France vs Russia football match at the Stade de France last March 29th. This match symbolically marked the French team’s first return to the stadium since the November 13 terrorist attacks. She will never forget this very moving, very special reunion.

Finally, Carla has a tattoo of the Eiffel Tower on her calf. Paris engraved for life!
*On the photo, Carla has written in Portuguese: “Paris, thank you for welcoming me".