Ade Malino, student at ILCF in love with the French language

Ade Malino, student at ILCF in love with the French language Ade, 25, hails from Bandung, 2 hours from Jakarta, in Indonesia. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Tourism Management.

During a conference on languages back at his university, Ade first discovered French and fell in love with this “sexy” language.

In September of 2014, Ade decided to come to France to deepen his knowledge of French at ILCF and explore this country that fascinates him so.

Since his arrival, ILCF has helped develop his everyday and professional French.
Ade finds the instruction well-structured and enjoys studying in small classes that facilitate interaction.

His goal is to pursue a master’s in business management with a specialization in tourism.

Ade loves life in Paris and is especially fond of the French culinary culture. He admires the freedoms enjoyed in France, notably the freedom of expression unfortunately lacking in his own country.
Nevertheless, he finds the French “rather reserved, but respectful”.

Ade is full of talent, for he sings, plays the piano and is also a fashion photographer.

Looking ahead, he dreams of someday moving permanently to France or London, to open his own restaurant. We wish him all the best!

*On the photo, Ade has written in Indonesian: “Take heart, Paris”.