Innovation at the heart of our training

Practicing one’s language skills at the Louvre, developing one’s professional project in French, learning through hands-on professional workshops… ILCF is at your side, to help you make progress and benefit from our innovative training programmes.

Evenings at the Louvre

Students enrolled in our art history courses benefit from an extraordinary opportunity:
  • presenting works of art to museum visitors, in both French and their native language.
  • all French art movements are represented.

Our partner :
The Louvre Museum

Developing and promoting your professional project in French at ILCF

As the initiator or sponsor of a professional project in France, you would like to :  
  • better understand the French business environment
  • present your professional project in French.
  • meet with professionals from the economic world, active in various sectors.
  • carry out an internship at a company
At ILCF, you can :
  • take courses in French.
  • take the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry exams.
  • participate in the ICP Business Forum and meet with over 200 professionals.