Instruction and methodology

Learning a foreign language strongly testifies to an openness to others, a global curiosity. To best accompany you in this important, fulfilling project, ILCF relies on a few fundamental educational principles.

Instruction in accordance with CEFRL

ILCF has developed teaching methodologies, learning rhythms, progressions and activities best suited to helping students attain their targeted level of French, according to the 6 competence levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Classes are organized according to language level and learning objectives. Progress in learning a language depends on each learner’s:
  • personalized course programme
  • learning ability
  • objectives
  • motivation and learning style

Out-of-the-ordinary instruction

30 qualified, experienced instructors and a student-centred educational approach.

Specialized in teaching French as a foreign language, our instructors are also qualified in a complementary field (art history, literature, philosophy, film, communication, etc.) and benefit from an international life experience. Several of our instructors regularly publish specialized works.

Learning at one’s own pace

To render ILCF courses widely and easily accessible, the school accommodates different rhythms of learning:

  • day classes, full-time schedule (21 hours/week)
  • day classes, flexible schedule (3 to 18 hours/week)
  • evening classes (4 hours/week)