“Language is life !”

Originally from Aleppo in Syria, Youssef arrived in France in the autumn of 2014. An ENT specialist for 38 years, he decided to leave their “lovely city” with his wife, a French teacher in Aleppo, and their two youngest children to join their eldest son in Paris.

ICP témoignage Youssef ILCF

ICP témoignage Youssef ILCF

Youssef and his family have forever greatly admired France, synonymous with freedom.

Today, they must rebuild an entire life, and for Youssef "language is life!", an essential tool for communicating with others. They have been warmly welcomed to France, their new home, and their parish provides incredible support.

Thanks to friends, Youssef was brought into contact with L’Œuvre d’Orient. This association helped Youssef and his family find a place to live and take French lessons. He considers himself very fortunate and is thankful for this aid.

Since his arrival at ILCF, he has been comforted and reassured by the teaching staff's welcome and attentiveness. Happy to come study each day at ILCF, he finds each class fascinating thanks to its contents but also the open-mindedness of the teachers and other students!

Youssef likes Paris and thinks it’s the most beautiful city in the world, but he realizes that to live well in the French capital, one needs to work and earn one’s living.

Which is why Youssef works hard to acquire the necessary level of French and obtain an equivalency to once again practice medicine in France.

*On the photo, Youssef has written “Peace for our city”.