Monthly sessions

General information

Length of studies
4 weeks
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Our monthly French courses are a good compromise for those who would like to study French daily while also taking full advantage of their stay in Paris.

Our everyday-French courses offer beginning to advanced instruction and/or revision, and cover :
  • Oral and written comprehension,
  • Oral and written expression,
  • Grammar and phonetics, as well as an exploration of French culture and civilization.

Summer Sessions

Students enrolled in our monthly sessions in July and August participate in free cultural outings all over Paris, in addition to learning French.

Organized activities include :

Guided tours
Film screenings
Water sports
And much more!


  • Learning or improving one’s French, while also taking full advantage of Paris.
  • Refreshing or perfecting one's French language skills.
  • Learning and practicing French in total immersion, thereby ensuring that good progress is made.


The Institut de Langue et de Culture Françaises (ILCF) is part of the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP), a private higher education institution.
This allows our students to benefit from internship agreements. Students must locate their own internship, which must be carried out during their session.

This internship must meet four conditions :

  • The trainee must be registered at ILCF (complete dossier and payment). Preregistrations are insufficient,
  • The trainee must be taking a minimum of 15 hours of courses per week,
  • The trainee must practice his/her French during the internship,
  • The trainee must be registered with the Sécurité Sociale (French social security).

Admission Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older,
  • Must have a secondary school (high school) diploma,
  • Must take the placement exam at ILCF.


> Online registration and payment

  • Documents to be furnished : ID (passport, residency permit, etc.), copy of your most recent diploma, and, if possible, any certificate validating your level of French (TCF, TEF, DELF, DALF, etc.).
  • Payment in full upon preregistration.

Program Fees
Starting at 742€.

Administrative fee: €98 (for the academic year)

Module of 60 hours/15 hours per week during 4 weeks : €742
Module of 84 hours/21 hours per week during 4 weeks : €1038

All of our summer courses can be taken as further education. For all questions concerning the funding or reimbursement of a training course, please contact your employer’s human resources office for information on the various options available to you.

For information on our course rates or to request an estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us !

Our monthly courses are accessible to all levels, from beginning to advanced learners. The courses are held in :

  • September
  • January
  • June
Summer Sessions (Students participate in free cultural activities, in addition to taking French classes)
  • July
  • August

Conditions of validation

Continuous monitoring and final exam

At the end of each session, an obligatory final evaluation is held under DELF-exam conditions (same written and oral exam shared by all classes of the same level).


At the end of each session, all students receive a “Studies in French as a Foreign Language” certificate awarded by ILCF / ICP and mentioning the courses taken, the number of hours completed, the language level attained and the corresponding ECTS credits earned.
As a partner of the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry est is an exam centre for the TEF et les DFP exams.
Two exam sessions are organized yearly, in December and April. Information and registration on-site.