Culture and Civilization

General information

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Learning French also entails exploring all aspects of French culture. That is why we offer each semester over 30 courses covering French culture and civilization.


Focusing on a diversity of themes, these courses allow students to study specific lexical fields, while also acquiring the keys to comprehending various aspects of French culture :

•    The key periods of French history,
•    France’s great authors
•    Paris, past and present
•    French culture and cuisine
•    Fashion and cinema
•    Art history
•    History of the French press and media


The courses also offer the opportunity to participate in off-site activities to complement and enrich the course content: museum visits, neighbourhood tours, exhibitions, films, etc.


Institution partnerships

The École d’Art et Culture (EAC)

The École d’Art et Culture (EAC) school of art and culture entrusts its foreign students with us, for a French-language course to prepare them for their studies at EAC.

Admission Procedure

  • Must be 18 years or older,
  • Must have a secondary school (high school) diploma,
  • Must take the placement test at ILCF.


> Online registration and payment

  • Documents to be furnished : ID (passport, residency permit, etc.), copy of your most recent diploma, and, if possible, any certificate validating your level of French.
Registration Fees

2020-2021 rates:
Starting at 477€.

Administrative fee: €98 (for the academic year)

Two course semesters :

  • Autumn semester, from September to January
  • Spring semester, from February to June
The courses are divided into 3-hour modules.
These modules allow students to learn the French language while also exploring French culture and civilization.

Conditions of validation

Continuous monitoring and final exam

At the end of each session, an evaluation is carried out under exam conditions.


  • At the end of each session, all students receive a “Studies in French as a Foreign Language” certificate awarded by ILCF / ICP and mentioning the courses taken, the number of hours completed, the language level attained and the corresponding ECTS credits earned.
  • A certificate of participation in the “Evenings at the Louvre” programme, for participating students.