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According to the number of hours
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Semester courses are the best option to improve one’s oral and written French, benefitting from total immersion while discovering different aspects of French culture.

Learning a foreign language strongly testifies to an openness to others, a global curiosity.
We strongly believe that multilingualism encourages the growth of both individuals and societies.

To accompany you during this essential stage of your academic and professional career, ILCF offers courses of 3 to 21 hours per week, over a period of 15 weeks.



• Learn French in total immersion,
• Refresh or perfect one's French,
• Strengthen the learner’s self-confidence in learning and perfecting his/her French, thanks notably to pronunciation and phonetics sessions.


Training course advantage

ILCF offers diverse modes and methods of learning, well suited to your particular project.


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac


Temps aménagé

Admission conditions

• Must be 18 years or older,
• Must have a secondary school (high school) diploma,
• Must take the placement exam at ILCF.

Frais d’inscription

According to the number of hours

• 2017-2018 academic fees :

  • 3 hours: €510
  • 6 hours: €1,020
  • 9 hours: €1,391
  • 12 hours: €1,854
  • 15 hours: €2,318
  • 18 hours: €2,725
  • 21 hours: €3,180

    Personalized, à la carte modules: choose from 3 to 21 hours of courses per week for the semester.

•Administrative fee: €98 (for the academic year)

Semester sessions

Semester sessions allow you to choose those courses best suited to your particular project.

Two course semesters :

  • Autumn semester, from September to January
  • Spring semester, from February to June.
Our everyday French classes allow you to practice all four essential linguistic competences, at each level (A1 to C1) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) :
- oral comprehension ;
- written comprehension ;
- oral production ;
- written production.

Conditions of validation

- Continuous monitoring and final exam
At the end of each session, a shared examination is held for all courses at the same level.

- Certificate
At the end of each session, all students receive a “Studies in French as a Foreign Language” certificate awarded by ILCF and mentioning the courses taken, the number of hours completed, the language level attained and the corresponding ECTS credits earned.