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Discover ILCF’s gastronomic workshops !

Published on the February 16, 2017 Updated on the July 26, 2017

(Re)discover our “Doing and Speaking Workshops”! On the menu this semester: the great classics of French gastronomy, with macarons, éclairs, wine-and-cheese pairings, brioche breads and little tarts !

Découvrez les ateliers gastronomiques de l'ILCF !

Découvrez les ateliers gastronomiques de l'ILCF !

Our workshops allow students to learn French while discovering and practicing a professional skill in a real-world setting.

These 2-hour, à la carte workshops are open to everyone.

ILCF advantages:

  • Improving one’s French-language experience
  • Learning by practicing a specialized French skill
  • Acquiring authentic culinary know-how
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> Register online or on-site at ILCF.
The courses are held at a hotel-services secondary school.

Brochure and schedule

> Consult the gastronomic workshops brochure
> Consult the 2016 workshop schedule
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