ICP International Potluck: Discovering New Cultures & Cuisines

Published on March 21, 2019 Updated on November 13, 2019

On March 20th, 2019, ILCF and the Delegation of International Affairs held its first joint international potluck.

It was a great moment to discover the gastronomy and culture of fellow students and celebrate the richness of the cultural diversity on our campus.

Over 50 students from various nationalities attended, along with professors and administrative staff. The students represented countries from all over the globe including, China, Columbia, the United States, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, and Madagascar. Many French students attended as well, eager to interact with our international students. Thoroughly enforcing our motto of “An Open Mind to the World”.

The rules for a potluck, is that each person attending brings a dish to share. Students bought various delicious dishes from their countries, many homemade including: dumplings (China), plantains (Congo) , guacamole (Columbia), upside-down pineapple cake (US), obatzda (Germany), Ohitashi (Japon), and tarte tatin (France) to name a few.

The origin of the word and potluck concept dates back to the 16th Century in England. Potlucks are very popular in countries such as the US, UK, Ireland and Canada. However, different versions also exist in Francophone countries such as France and Belgium, often referred to as a “repas partagé”.

In addition to celebrating the potluck, it was an opportunity to celebrate the official start of Springtime and the International Day of Francophonie.

« Many thanks for holding the International Potluck to celebrate the International Day of Francophonie and the start of Springtime. Congratulations on a successful event, it was a great moment of conviviality. All of the dishes were delicious » Rachel Razakamanana, ILCF Professor

It was a successful first edition and the students were able to make new connections amongst each other.

«When is the next one? “ Maximilian, ICP Exchange Student currently studying Theology